How does Liposuction Machine Work?

In Gorgesouslim, liposcution machines are one of the hottest products. This product has received many good reviews. However, for those who are interested in liposuction machines and hesitate about wheter to buy one, you may first learn about the theory.

Liposuction machines apply the ultrasonic effect to help to get rid of the fat.

Ultrasonic effect in fat cell-form a Cavitation among the fat cells-fat cells burst-fatty acid-exhausted from lymph
Ultrasonic produce an Implosion effect to the liquid, which means the expand and compress of waves produce numerous tiny gaps in the liquid, there is the gas and vapour inside the gap, the ultrasonic exert a positive pressure influence to the liquid molecule in the compress periode, but a negative pressure influence in the expand periode. There is cohesion in the liquid or biological tissues, In the low density fat cells, the bonding force of Molecular is weak, the lower negative pressure generated by the ultrasonic can produce tissue gap, called “cavitation” In physics. Implosion results of micro-gap in the intracellular and extracellular can cause enhancements of molecular motion, that reaches a high energy level, and finally lead to the breakdown of fat cells.

Too complicated to understand? Just see the video below to give you a more visual explanation.

Now do you have a little understanding of how it works? Next, let me show you the real scene of using it.


Say Goodbye to the Fat, Say Hello to Your Brand-new Summer

Summer is quietly pushing her way back. Have you got ready for all those beautiful dresses, sexy hot-pants and eyecatching bikinis? If the annoying fat in your waist or thighs blocks your way to them, maybe it’s time for you to fight against it.


To do regular exercise, have a healthy diet and keep a good mood are surely the three most important things to do to control your weight. Meanwhile, why not consider trying on something new?

This time, you can experience the advantages technology brings about. GS8.2E Desktop Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine is your company on your way to the summer time.


It is the high-end method with great effects.

Its most noticable features are as follows:

-The top liposuction technology in the world
-Fit for any kind of skin
-Comfortable, no pain no wounds, no side effect
-Easy to learn easy to use
-Significant results, No Rebounding Phenomenon

Wanna know more about the operation? Here it is:

1.Applied gel on fleshy parts(eg. abdomen, hip, thigh) the amount depends on moving flexibility of the ultrasound head
2.Set work time(10 min every part), adjust output intensity(1 weak-5 strong)
3.Click” start”, put the service brake under your feet, step on to start working, move away for pause
4.Beautician hold the ultrasound head to move slowly on skin, in circle or beeline repeatedly, the other hand push the fattowards the ultrasound head
5.Do not use on back, avoid using on bones
6.Do not use on uterus part when women do abdomen care. Abdomen treatment during menstruation should be avoided
Enough gel is needed, you may feel painful if medium is not enough
The total treatment time for daily care should be within 30 min
7.The machine will pause automatically if the setting time is over
8.Clean the leftovers with hot towel, use warm towel to clean the ultrasounc head.

Not complicated, right?


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