Weight loss through fitness – Rules for each body shape

Weight loss through fitness – Rules for each body shape

Fitness plans talking about weight loss and body shaping through diet and physical activity often miss one major detail: while concentrating on general solutions, they fail in targeting the underlying cause of excess pounds and weight gain. This explains the lack of noticeable results in so many people who, despite a drastic diet and an intense workout routine, don’t manage to reach their weight goals and lose all the figure-destroying fats.

The key in obtaining a dream body lies in a personalized fitness guide and a diet adapted to your shape, weight, age and lifestyle. Although the basic rules of weight loss apply to all silhouette types, unless you’re following a fitness program created especially for your figure and addressing the most problematic areas of your physique, you won’t be able to shed off the pounds as fast as hoped.

So if you’re tired of seeing your chubby figure but don’t really want to invest in expensive equipments or don’t have enough time for hitting the gym daily and reading the newest fitness guide, here’s how you can trim those fats down in no time!

Fitness rules for the hourglassy silhouette

The purpose of any workout routine created for an hourglass body is to tone the upper and lower areas while burning off fats stored around the waist. People with this silhouette tend to store fats around the hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms but often have a tough time trying to get rid of lower abdominal fat as well.

Exercises for this figure should concentrate on:

  • Arms, for a more balanced silhouette – the purpose is not to build muscles and develop some pumped arms but to tone them up for a more attractive look, so you should opt for lighter weights and more repetitions.
  • Legs and buttocks, for an overall sliming effect – in order to keep proportions in check, fitness routines with added weights are the most recommended ones. Squats with dumbbells, reverse lunges, crunches – both classical and using the stability ball, lateral leg raises, press ups and mountain climbers are recommended by absolutely any fitness guide to people with hourglassy body shapes.
  • Waist, for more definition – cardio exercises are the winning ones this time as they boost the metabolism, speeding up fat burning processes. Cycling, running, rowing, dancing, jumping rope and doing hula hoops are great ways of strengthening abs and getting rid of belly fat.

Weight loss exercises for the pear silhouette

Pears tend to have quite flat abs and they generally store weight on hips, buttocks and legs. Fitness plans for this shape should therefore concentrate on calorie blasting through exercises involving the entire body – cardio routines! The treadmill and cross trainer should be your best friends if you’re a pear trying to achieve a flawless silhouette, but outdoor running, swimming, doing step aerobic exercises and cardio dancing, playing tennis or whichever sport you enjoy is extremely helpful as well.

As for the toning part, here’s what your workout routine should include:

  • Biceps curls, triceps dips, press-ups and bench press exercises for strengthening the upper body and building more defined shoulders, arms and chest.
  • Squats with shoulders press, squats with lateral raise, side lunges with knees up, walking lunges and exercise ball glutes raises, for burning off fats on legs and buttocks and gaining more definition in the lower body.
  • Ab curls and oblique crunches, reverse curls and planks for strengthening the core area, toning the abdomen and improving posture.

The apple body type – recommended fitness routine

Apple silhouettes store fats on chest, arms and midsection, so they should focus on firing up their metabolism in order to burn lipids covering the upper body. Again, cardiovascular exercises are crucial for reducing the amount of fat but this time the key doesn’t lie in the workout’s intensity but in its length.

People with this silhouette are quite exposed to joints injuries, especially in knees and ankles, as their excess weight exerts pressure on legs while running or doing the elliptical trainer. Swimming and cycling are healthier options as they work the legs and buttocks without causing joints aches.

Classical fitness trainings have their role as well as even people with no excess pounds can look unhealthy and flabby if they don’t tone their muscles. So here are the most recommended weight exercises for apple silhouettes:

  • Chest press, back extensions, ab curls, triceps dips, oblique curls, press-ups, biceps curls, reverse crunches and exercise ball crunches for strengthening muscles in arms and core area and accelerating fat burning process at this level.
  • Exercise ball squats, squats with shoulder press, plie squats with lateral raises, walking lunges, leg presses, deadlifts, mountain climbers and walking on the incline for developing lean muscles in the lower body and shaping the thighs, buttocks and hips.  The main role of these workouts is to build muscles and increase mass but as you surely know, by strengthening muscles one also manages to burn more calories during fitness trainings and daily activities.

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