5 Foods that Prevent Wrinkles

blueberries_1 kale tomatoes


redpeppers salmon_0

if you want to give more care to you skin, Micro-current Mask Eye Wrinkle Remover Skin Lift Tighten Device also can be a good choice.

Theories and Functions

-Supply electricity to cells
BIO biologic micro-current can replenish electric energy to skin so as to re-stimulate the vitality of cell. Replenish charges to cells with BIO biologic micro-current will regain electric field balance to revitalize the cells and make the skin be transparent, lustrous and elestic.
– Import nutrition to deep skin
By adopting the repulsive force of like ions to import nutrition to the deep layer of skin and the skin presents a silky smooth feeling with moisturized, transparent and beauty trait.
-Lift and tighten
Lifting and tightening the loose skin to regain youthful facial line. By adopting cross stimulation of positive & negative micro-current to restore skin elasticity and tightness while the beauty liquid imported by the ion importing will spread to deep layer skin to restore you a compact and fleshy skin.


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