Want to show off your nail art skills?

Electric Nail Art Drill FULL SET Manicure File Acrylic Machine

100% brand new.
LED ditital display of the grade of rotation speed( from grade 1 to grade 8), giving a direct view for users. Easy to use by pressing speed control.
For both manicure and pedicure nail teatment.
Small, light-weighted, portable and it can be controlled with both means or foot pedal.
The nail file can be used for natural as well as artificial nails.
For professional studio use or home use.
Operation Detail:
Plug in the electric cord to the main electric outlet
Select the desired speed by turning the variable speed control knob on the transformer
To use the foot pedal control, connect the end of the cord from the foot pedel to the out put hole at the back of the transformer and press down on the foot pedal
To secure the bits: push in the desired bit firmly into the hole at the rotating head of the hand piece until the second lock click.(please note the bit has to pass through)
To remove the bits: turn off the machine and gently pull the bit out.


Lady Women Epilator Razor Hair Remover

Electric Lady Women Epilator Razor Hair Removal Bikini Trimmer 2 Heads

Regular cleaning and good maintenance will help to extend the lifetime of your shaver.
Turn your unit to the OFF postition.
Make sure to unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.
Press the release button, long button located directly above the ON/OFF switch, and at the same time gently pull the tweezers disc head and remove it from the unit.
Use the brush enclosed to remove hair from the tweezers disc head and the unit.
Replace the tweezers disc head into the unit by gently pressing until your hear it click into place.

Want to lose weight? you can have mutiple choices.

workouts to lose belly fat


Don’t just count on working out ,Electroporation Free Mesotherapy Meso Therapy Needle Machine can help you to lose weight faster.

It uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis techniques, (needle-free mesotherapy or mesoderm or cell rupture) technique, without any injectors, easily opens the aquaporin(AQP), transports skin wanted nutrition, so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. With the application of Electrophoresis energy to the beauty industry, It takes ‘point to point’ infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, let it quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic and fine.

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take care of your skin,stop aging——–you need an assiatant

LCD Photon Ultrasonic Face Massager————your new favorite

As a comprehensive multi-function cosmetic instrument, it has reduced and integrated large-size instruments (LED beauty device, ultrasonic beauty device, ion lead-in & lead-out device) into a suitable home use multi-function beauty device, which enables you to enjoy multiple skincare of beauty salon at home. The probe on one side is applied for mixing of ultrasonic with blue, green and red light while the probe on another side is used for ion lead-in and lead out skin care. The action upon the facial skin will strengthen the molecular resonance of skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Besides, the ionized product can enhance the surface activity and product penetration, make the absorption of skin cells to the composition of skincare product as high as more than 85%. The effect exerted is 5 times higher than daily skincare product.


New Proof: Sunscreen Each Day Stops Wrinkles

      Dermatologists have been telling patients for years that using sunscreen regularly can protect skin against aging. Now there’s research to back that up.In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers showed that people instructed to apply sunscreen every day showed 24% less skin aging, as measured by lines and coarseness of the skin, than those told to use the cream as they usually do.’This is great fodder for us to encourage people to use sunscreen, ‘ said Jeffrey Dover, a dermatologist in Chestnut Hill, Mass. ‘I will quote this paper every day.’

     Sunscreen has long been touted as a way to stave off photoaging, or changes to the skin caused by sun exposure. But there wasn’t hard evidence in humans to support the claim, study authors said. A trial published in 1995 involved 35 people with past skin cancer and found no evidence of sunscreen’s protective effect, measured by looking at skin biopsies under a microscope. But larger, randomized trials open to the larger community hadn’t been done, for logistical and cost reasons.

     This study, part of a long-running skin-cancer-prevention trial, covered 903 adults younger than 55 living in Nambour, Australia, near the country’s Sunshine Coast. All study participants were given sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15+. Half were randomly to be instructed to apply the sunscreen daily to exposed areas, reapplying after water immersion, heavy sweating or several hours spent outdoors, while half were told to use it as they normally would.

     By the end of the study, which was funded by the Australian government, 77% of those told to use sunscreen daily were using it at least three to four days a week, compared with 33% of the control group. (The sunscreen was provided by a sunscreen manufacturer.)

     Researchers took silicone impressions of the backs of participants’ hands at the beginning of the study and after 4½ years. Trained assessors then graded the patterns of lines and skin coarseness on the hand impressions on a scale of one to six. The damage seen on the surface of the skin reflects the tissue damage underneath the skin, said Adèle Green, senior scientist and head of cancer and population studies at Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia and lead author of the study.

      Participants were under 55 to assure that aging effects were the result of sun exposure, not the natural aging process, Dr. Green said.


      The results have a ‘double significance, ‘ she said, since the reduced skin damage from UV rays also translates to a lower risk of skin cancer.Dermatologists said vanity is a strong motivating force when it comes to sunscreen use. That’s particularly true for young people, whose sunburns may put them at risk for skin cancer decades later, said James Spencer, a dermatologist in St. Petersburg, Fla. The threat of wrinkles is often a more powerful behavior-changer than the threat of cancer, he said. (Neither Dr. Spencer nor Dr. Dover was affiliated with the study.)

Rules implemented last year by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say that only sunscreens that are broad-spectrum─protecting against both UVA and UVB rays─and that have an SPF of 15 or higher can claim to reduce the risk of early skin aging and skin cancer. Both types of rays are implicated in photoaging and cancer, Dr. Green said. Products that don’t protect against both types of rays or that have an SPF between 2 and 14 can claim only to help prevent sunburn.

The new rules also say that products claiming water resistance must say how long a user can expect to get that protection while swimming or sweating, either 40 minutes or 80 minutes. And sunscreens can no longer be called ‘sunblocks’ or be labeled as ‘waterproof’ or ‘sweatproof.’

Dr. Spencer recommends that people look for water-resistant, broad-spectrum products with an SPF of at least 30. ‘Don’t be shy about putting it on, ‘ he said. ‘You’re not getting the SPF on the bottle if you’re putting it on too lightly.’

‘Look for something you like, or you won’t use it, ‘ Dr. Dover added. ‘And don’t have a full tube by the end of the summer.’

Since experimental evidence has suggested that antioxidants consumed orally, such as beta carotene, can reduce signs of sun-related skin damage, the study also looked at whether a daily 30-milligram beta carotene supplement could protect against skin aging.

Researchers found no difference between those who took the supplement and those who didn’t, though because of the number of study participants, researchers said they couldn’t rule out a small effect one way or the other in certain groups of people.

How To Find The Right False Lashes

Which One Do I Pick?!

A lot of people don’t use false lashes or have negative experiences with false lashes. Maybe you know how to put them on. Maybe you’ve worn them and hate how they look on you. It could be because you’re picking the wrong shape. Eyelashes make a very strong statement, especially when you emphasize the lash area with some falsies.

The amount of shapes and styles can sometimes be confusing. They all offer a very different effect, and not every effect is desired for every eye shape. Some make certain eye shapes appear droopy, cartoony, or crooked. If you’ve been put off by false lashes, or perhaps never even tried them, here’s some information to keep in mind next time you’re making a shopping list.

The Doll Eye

If you’re looking for the dolly eyed affect, pick up some lashes similar in shape to these. Lashes that are full, rounder in the center and tapered towards the corners will make the eye appear larger and more open in the center. If you have very round eyes, you may not like these because they will dramatize your natural eye shape and cause them to appear even rounder. If you love your round eyes, these will help you make the most of them.

The Drag Queen

Large, dark, long, thick lashes with irregular or fanned-out cuts are awesome for drag, theatrical, or effects makeup. These are simply for you, or they aren’t. It depends on how bold you’re willing to go and how much you’re willing to experiment. It’s always good to have at least one pair of these on hand. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy. They’re great to boldly wear to a party or a club when you’re trying to steal all of the attention. Just make sure you’re using them with a very durable glue, because these babies can be really heavy.

The Natural Drama Queen

Lashes shaped higher in the middle, lower on the outer corner, and even lower on the inner corner are the closest in shape to natural lashes. Styles where the lashes are plentiful, yet thin, and tapered, yet full, are both natural and dramatic. If you want your lashes to look like a celebrities lashes, these are your best bet. This is the style most often used on celebrities at Hollywood events. If you want the affect of false lashes without the look of false lashes, these are right up your alley.

The Feline Fatale

Lashes that are short in length on the inner corner, medium length in the middle, and long on the outer corner are going to elongate the eye. If you’re a winged liner or cat eye kind of girl, styles like this will really add to your overall feline look. They may look somewhat awkward on very round eyes, making them appear down turned, and will make hooded eyes look droopy or crooked if the cut is steep, so be wary under those circumstances. They’re not necessarily friendly for everyone, but almond eyes, oval eyes, and monolids (or Asian eyes) can rock ’em.

The Minimalist

If you just want a little bit of length and a little bit of fullness, lashes cut like the natural cut that have gaps in the band are going to do that for you. Those little gaps allow your lashes to mingle the most with the falsies, offering a seamless appearance. The band, or spine, on these and similar styles tend to be clear, leaving no evidence that you’ve got a strip of lashes on. If you want to try falsies but you’re a little skeptical, these are an excellent place to start.

  So, What Do You Think?

 How many of these kinds of lashes have you experimented with? Which ones were duds and which ones do you have boxes and boxes of backups for? Do you have a favorite brand or a favorite lash adhesive, or maybe some tips on how you apply them to help people who may be stuck? Join us in the comments section and let us know!

Golden Pulse Skin Care Facial Slimming Roller

Golden Pulse Skin Care Facial Slimming Roller

Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse SKIN CARE Gold Facial Roller Massage
Material: Brass and aluminum (T Barrhead part is solid gold special surface finish).
Accessory: AA manganese dry battery, specially-made storage bag, and specification manual
Normalization of the potential of the skin oscillation of pure gold. Beauty skin moist.
To the skin moisture and elasticity of vitality to the skin by vibration (massage).
Head shape for T, will be added to the micro-vibration behavior of stroke ? Press the pot and each part of the skin of the face.