Those Food You Can’t Eat While Losing Weight

Delicious food can be very alluring, especially for those who are losing weight. However, for fulfilling your ambition of being slim, you have to hold on. There are two types of food that should be avoided while losing weight: First is the food with high calories and second is the food that can be transformed to sugar easily.


  1. Canned Juice

It is well known that vegetables and fruits have abundant vitamins. However, some people just don’t eat fruits and prefer drinking juice. Actually, If you replace fruits with juice, you will fail to take in enough minerals and vitamins. That is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost during the process of producing them. Even though there remains the vitamin C, the amount of it will also reduce because of the exposition to the light.




There is a high amount of heat existed in desserts and most of the heat comes from the fat. Besides, many people would like to apply some cream to the desserts, which will add more heat. It’s better to replace the desserts with healthy fruits.




Do not suppose that salad can help you to lose weight. Although the vegetables do not make you fat, the sauce mixed in the salad should not be ignored. You would be surprised if you have a look at the fat content in the salad dressing. For example, every two spoons of French Dressing contain 134 calories of heat and 12.g fat while we only need about 2000 calories of heat and 66g fat every day.




4.Potato Chip

Potato chips are carbohydrates with low fat. However, once they are fried, they are no longer low-fat food. A small bag of fried potato chips has 220 calories and 12g fat, the heat of which is nearly the same as that of a hamburger.



5. Beer

Beer is essential at a party. However, beer contains lots of heat while there is little nutrients in it.



6. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are not only convenient, but also very delicious. However, there is a great amount of fat contained in instant noodles because of the process of being fried. Therefore, it’s better not to eat it as possible as you can.



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