Lady Shaver–Another Weapon for the Comming Summer

Hot pants, skirts, tank tops, bikinis, etc. mark the summer time. However, every time summer comes, we ladies have to deal with the body hair problem. It would be very embarrassing that the body hair be exposed without awareness. For fighting against these awkward moments, we have to prepare our “weapons” beforehand.

Now allow me to recommend you a lady shaver sold on our website.

This product is ideal for removing unwanted hair around your chin,upper lip,eyebrows,any facial area in general, perfect for the neck,underarms,legs,hands and fingers,feet and toes.It comes with a free carry pouch, so it’s easy to take wherever you go.

What’s more We provide the adapter for free suitable for your country.


100% brand new.
Plastic construction.
Innovative technology,remove smoothly unwanted hair from the roots,keeping it from growing back for weeks.
This unique technology attracts hair like a magnet so you’ll never need a mirror.
Slip and slide on fine hair and they can break even normal hair,leaving a short stump that you can never grasp.
Control with pinpoint precision in any direction.
Designed to remove even the smallest and finest hair.
Leaves skin soft and stubble free.
Safely removes hair,no cuts or nicks.
Use on cheeks,chin,neck,underarms,knees,legs,hands and fingers,feet and toes.
Ideal for all skin types.
Great for travel.
Perfect for both men & women.
Easy to clean,washable includes cleaning brush.
Voltage: 220v-240v(Can’t use in USA,Canada and Voltage 110V place).
Charge Time: 8 Hours.f4c6e82615df14a5343a89106728a5429dd0a3be


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